Hello Everyone,


I would like to share with you what I love and what fills all my time.

I was born in small town in Slovakia named Kežmarok. At the moment I live and work in Poprad town by the mountains in Slovakia.

I have been interested in painting drawing and this kind of creative activity from an early age.

This hobby that has been growing in me became thing without I can ́t imagine myself.

I find inspiration all around me. (natural landscapes, advertising and world events). I like to experiment with different styles of painting, but my favourite one is acrylic, because of its independence and freedom in creation.

Colours merge and combine together and create a beautiful often unexpected connection.It is one of the media that allows me to do such an amazing transformation.

I also think the most important thing about my art is drawing. The line is an integral part within the structure of making art. My work always begins with line and continues, adding the texture of drawing to the painting.

I always charge my paintings with some energy and I try to present a visualisation of my soul, flow of energy and strong emotions. I always tell a story but I still like to leave the door open for a viewer’s imagination, so he can enter the world in my paintings and create his own stories.

I hope you find my work interesting and fills your interior with good atmosphere 🙂

Lubomir Korenko